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  美式英语入侵英国,BBC亿万先生曾发表过一篇文章,引起了很多英国人的共鸣。英国读者纷纷吐槽,列举最不能忍的美式英语表达。BBC调查:英国人最不能忍的25句美式英语  1. When people ask for something, I often hear: "Can I get a..." It infuriates me. It's not New York. It's not the 90s. You're not in Central Perk with the rest of the Friends. Really."    当某些人想要什么东西时,我经常听到他们说:“Can I get a...(我能要一个……)”这让我大为恼火。这里又不是纽约,又不是90年代,你以为你是在Central Perk里演《老友记》啊,真是的!    2. The next time someone tells you something is the "least worst option", tell them that their most best option is learning grammar.    下次要是有人跟你讲XXX是the “least worst option”(最好选择),你就告诉他们对于他们来说最最最好的选择是回去学语法。    3. The phrase I've watched seep into the language (especially with broadcasters) is "two-time" and "three-time". Have the words double, triple etc, been totally lost? Grammatically it makes no sense, and is even worse when spoken. My pulse rises every time I hear or see it. Which is not healthy as it's almost every day now. Argh!    我经历过的渐渐渗入到英语里的短语(特别是播音员使用的)是“two-time(两次)”和“three -time(三次)"。难道double啊triple啊什么的都彻底消失了么?从语法上来说,这根本构不成短语,而且用在口语中更糟糕。每次听到或者看到它我就心跳加速。这对我的健康造成了威胁,因为基本每天都要经历这些。    4. Using 24/7 rather than "24 hours, 7 days a week" or even just plain "all day, every day".    使用24/7来表达“全天候”,而不是“24 hours, 7 days a week”,或者就朴实地说“all day, every day”。    5. The one I can't stand is "deplane", meaning to disembark an aircraft, used in the phrase "you will be able to deplane momentarily".    我不能忍受的就是“deplane”这个词,意思就是下飞机,用法是这样的:“You will be able to deplane momentarily(您很快就能下飞机了)”。    6. To "wait on" instead of "wait for" when you're not a waiter - once read a friend's comment about being in a station waiting on a train. For him, the train had yet to arrive - I would have thought rather that it had got stuck at the station with the friend on board.    用“wait on”而不是“wait for”,而且你还不是服务员。有次我读了一段朋友就在车站等车(waiting on a train)发表的评论。他所表达的意思是,火车一直没到站。而我却以为朋友在车上,但是车却困在了车站里。    7. "It is what it is". Pity us.    这就是事实。同情同情我们吧!It is what it is.(该是什么就是什么。)美剧中经常出现,那么它的英式表达呢?There is no British way of saying this… it means nothing! 好吧,英国人觉得这个说法毫无意义!    8. Dare I even mention the fanny pack?    敢不敢提fanny pack(腰包)啊?    9. "Touch base" - it makes me cringe no end.    “Touch base(联系)”——这让我不停地哆嗦。    10. Is "physicality" a real word?    “Physicality(物质性)”真的是一个词吗?    11. Transportation. What's wrong with transport?    Transportation(交通工具)。就不能用transport吗?    12. The word I hate to hear is "leverage". Pronounced lev-er-ig rather than lee-ver-ig. It seems to pop up in all aspects of work. And its meaning seems to have changed to "value added".    我讨厌听到的词是“leverage”。把它读成lev-er-ig(美),而不是lee-ver-ig(英)。好像各行各业突然都这么读了,意思貌似也变成“附加值”了。(leverage在美式英语中有“举债经营”的意思,英式英语用gearing表达此意)    13. Does nobody celebrate a birthday anymore, must we all "turn" 12 or 21 or 40? Even the Duke of Edinburgh was universally described as "turning" 90 last month. When did this begin? I quite like the phrase in itself, but it seems to have obliterated all other ways of speaking about birthdays.    难道没人庆祝生日(celebrate a birthday)了吗?我们一定都要“turn”12岁或者21岁或者40岁吗?连爱丁堡公爵过生日也统统说成上个月他“turning”90岁。这是什么时候开始的?我喜欢这个表达本身,但它似乎取代掉其他所有谈论生日的说法了。    14. I caught myself saying "shopping cart" instead of shopping trolley today and was thoroughly disgusted with myself. I've never lived nor been to the US either.    我发现现在自己会说:"shopping cart(购物手推车)”而不是shopping trolley ,我非常讨厌这一点。我从没去过美国,也没在美国生活过。    15. What kind of word is "gotten"? It makes me shudder.    “Gotten(get的过去分词,美式用法)”到底是个什么词?它总是让我不寒而栗。    16. "I'm good" for "I'm well". That'll do for a start.    用“I'm good(我很好)”替代“I'm well”。刚开始感觉都可以。    17. "Bangs" for a fringe of the hair.    用"bangs"表示刘海。    18. Take-out rather than takeaway!    说take-out(外卖)而不是takeaway!    19. I enjoy Americanisms. I suspect even some Americans use them in a tongue-in-cheek manner? "That statement was the height of ridiculosity".    我喜欢美式英语。不过我怀疑甚至一些美国人也是虚情假意地在用它们。“这份声明简直是荒谬(ridiculosity)。”    20. "A half hour" instead of "half an hour".    说“a half hour(半小时)”而不是“half an hour”。    21. A "heads up". For example, as in a business meeting. Lets do a "heads up" on this issue. I have never been sure of the meaning.    A “heads up(提醒)”。比如,在商业会议上说,Lets do a "heads up" on this issue. 我至今还不知道是什么意思。    22. Train station. My teeth are on edge every time I hear it. Who started it? Have they been punished?    Train station(火车站)。每次听到它,我就很恼火。谁开始用这个词的?他们没有被罚吗?    23. To put a list into alphabetical order is to "alphabetize it" - horrid!    把一张表按照字母顺序排列就是去“alphabetize it”——非常不爽!    24. People that say "my bad" after a mistake. I don't know how anything could be as annoying or lazy as that.    那些在犯错后说“my bad(我的错)”的人,我真不知道事情怎么可以变得如此让人恼火、将惰性体现得淋漓尽致的。    25. "Normalcy" instead of "normality" really irritates me.    用“normalcy(正常状态)”而不是“normality”真的会激怒我。


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